Tuesday, 15 December 2009


This was originally going to be part of my final year dissertation, but as the image grew, i decided it was a work in its own right. I have created a new city. Everything in it was cut from photographs i have taken over the past year. This is a strange mixture of Minneapolis, Kansas City, Lawrence, St Joseph, Dallas, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, and ... Edinburgh!
This was really an experiment in de-contextualising architecture. Each building in the image was something that really made an impact on me, as a dominating visual force of the urban landscape.
The most imposing buildings were often (not surprisingly) banks.

I also tried to pay homage to Ridley Scott's kaleidoscopic sense of detail in Blade Runner. I added everyday 'Nighthawks- like' scenes into some of the windows, as well as a (potential) murdering, inspired by Hitchcock's Rear Window.
I even created my own futuristic 'space junk'. This was another homage to Blade Runner's'advertising blimp'. Rather than give my blimp an overt political aspect (as in Blade Runner) i decided to appropriate from one of my favourite noir movies, Double Indemnity. I photographed this and then sent it hovering over Megatropolis. The U.F.O.'s in the top centre of the picture are also homemade aircraft, about the size of a pie tin. I unleashed them in Lawrence, Kansas in the summer.

This image was one of the preliminary designs for the city in Fritz Lang's Metropolis. I found this in an old issue of Architectural Record and it was one of the things that motivated me to make my city. It looks like a similar experiment in simply placing buildings into different contexts. I tried to expand the idea by attempting to create a (crude) sense of perspective in Megatropolis.

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  1. Jamie this looks fantastic! Good job piglet! xx