Thursday, 17 December 2009

I70 Canyon

Oil On Canvas
Sketch for 170 Canyon

The traffic sped on. A ball of flame billowed into the air on the passenger side, just enough time to watch sparks and burning matter crackle then disappear into haze. This was a threatening environment, bleak, anarchic, violent, and yet simultaneously awesome; it possessed an irresistible and alien aesthetic.

The Crash November 2009

Lawrence Bridge

Sketchbook Drawings 2009
The bridge goes into north Lawrence, Kansas, and crosses the Kansas river.

Alligator paintings

These two paintings were inspired by wild alligators which i saw in Texas...
...I was right on the waterfront, scanning across. Was that two little twigs floating? What was it? i picked my way through the reeds on the bank and got closer. Now i was directly above the thing in the water below. Alligator! yes! only a small one, three or four feet maybe, just floating, just submerged with its eyes and snout above the water. Another one the same size was just farther down the creek.
Port Aransas Gator August 2009
Acrylic on Canvas
I was dangerously close, leaning out over the water, great shots! Then i heard some splashing, and i looked on further down the creek, the biggest fuckin' alligator! Heading my way! Must have been twice as long as me! Mean looking thing, and it was pissed off! It was heading my way and when i turned the small ones had turned round and were heading towards the bank too. it was time for me to leave. I crawled through the reeds and ran off down the trail through the trees. Close one.
Port Aransas Gators May 2009
Oil on Canvas

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


This was originally going to be part of my final year dissertation, but as the image grew, i decided it was a work in its own right. I have created a new city. Everything in it was cut from photographs i have taken over the past year. This is a strange mixture of Minneapolis, Kansas City, Lawrence, St Joseph, Dallas, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, and ... Edinburgh!
This was really an experiment in de-contextualising architecture. Each building in the image was something that really made an impact on me, as a dominating visual force of the urban landscape.
The most imposing buildings were often (not surprisingly) banks.

I also tried to pay homage to Ridley Scott's kaleidoscopic sense of detail in Blade Runner. I added everyday 'Nighthawks- like' scenes into some of the windows, as well as a (potential) murdering, inspired by Hitchcock's Rear Window.
I even created my own futuristic 'space junk'. This was another homage to Blade Runner's'advertising blimp'. Rather than give my blimp an overt political aspect (as in Blade Runner) i decided to appropriate from one of my favourite noir movies, Double Indemnity. I photographed this and then sent it hovering over Megatropolis. The U.F.O.'s in the top centre of the picture are also homemade aircraft, about the size of a pie tin. I unleashed them in Lawrence, Kansas in the summer.

This image was one of the preliminary designs for the city in Fritz Lang's Metropolis. I found this in an old issue of Architectural Record and it was one of the things that motivated me to make my city. It looks like a similar experiment in simply placing buildings into different contexts. I tried to expand the idea by attempting to create a (crude) sense of perspective in Megatropolis.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Pretty Prairie

'Pretty Prairie' March 2009

Oil on canvas